Lamp Load KOFU Reed Switch

ORD2211 is a 16mm single contact reed switch designed for direct opening or closing 12V, 3.4 watt lamp circuits. Pull-in 20-40 AT, Drop-out minimum 8 AT. Contact rated for 50 Volt-Amps. Made with Rhodium (Rh) contacts engineered for long life. Very low contact resistance (CR) less than 100mΩ. Can switch or carry as low as 10 nano-Volts (10-9 Volts) without signal loss. Can switch or carry as low as 1 femt-Amp (10-15 Amps) without signal loss. Electrostatic Capacitance is less than 0.3 pF. Consumes no power in open position. Insulation Resistance is above 1 giga-ohm (109 Ω).

Operation Temperatures: -55˚C (-67˚F) to +100˚C (212˚F). Tolerant of harsh environments including salt spray, water, humidity, gaseous & chemical fumes, oil, fuel, and dust-laden atmospheres. Shock resistant above 20Gs.

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Reed-Rex can custom Trim and Form OKI reed switch terminal to meet you precise requirements. Provide us with a drawing of your custom terminal configuration and we will provide a quote to safely modify the terminals.

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