ORD229 is a 21mm general purpose high power single contact hermetically sealed reed switch for loads less than 600Volts. Pull-in 20-60 AT, Drop-out minimum 6 AT. Contact rated for 50 WDC and AC70 Volt Amps with Rhodium (Rh) contacts engineered for long life. Very low contact resistance (CR) less than 100mΩ. Can switch or carry as low as 10 nano-Volts (10-9 Volts) without signal loss. Can switch or carry as low as 1 femt-Amp (10-15 Amps) without signal loss. Electrostatic Capacitance is less than 0.5 pF. Consumes no power in open position. Insulation Resistance is above 1 giga-ohm (109 Ω).

Operation Temperatures: -55˚C (-67˚F) to +100˚C (212˚F). Tolerant of harsh environments including salt spray, water, humidity, gaseous & chemical fumes, oil, fuel, and dust-laden atmospheres. Shock resistant above 20Gs.

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Reed-Rex can custom Trim and Form OKI reed switch terminal to meet you precise requirements. Provide us with a drawing of your custom terminal configuration and we will provide a quote to safely modify the terminals.

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