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Reed Switches in Security Systems

Reed switches can be used to signal the position of doors, garage doors, elevators, windows, skylights and gates, or to sense if someone is climbing a fence or removing a valuable. Reed switch sensors can limit access to equipment panels, prevent removal of valuable system components, sense the accumulation of water or other fluids or sense seismic movement.

Reed Switches in Household Appliances

Reed switches are used as fluid level sensors in coffee makers, dish washers, clothes washers and water heaters or as heat sensors in cookers or steamers. They can also be used as proximity sensors in appliance doors, access panels and bicycle odometers.

Reed Switches in Automotive Applications

Reed switches are used in fluid level sensors for brake fluid reservoirs and to monitor motor oil levels. They are also used in speed sensors for engine control and power steering. Automatic door locks, air bags, parking brakes, seat, door, and hood proximity sensors also utilize reed switches.

Reed Switches in Robotics and Automation

Reed switches are used as proximity sensors to control robotic motion, conveyor speed, location and angle. They can sense whether valves, tracks, hoppers, and doors are open or closed, or if containers or conveyors are full or empty. Reed sensors report the postion and movement of products in vending machines. Reed switches can be used for measuring fluid flow and fluid levels in harsh environments.

Reed Switches in Harsh Environments

Reed switches are hermetically sealed, durable, proven, and precise. They can tolerate wide swings in temperature and to 30Gs of shock. Reed switches tolerate high humidity, sea salt spray, toxic gases, dangerous chemicals, and dust or partical laden atmospheres. Reed switches do not need to be powered in the off position.

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