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Reed-Rex is part of the Lodestone Group, three companies with over 25 years of experience, focusing on engineering support and personal customer service.

Lodestone Pacific has been molding and manufacturing products for the electronics and security industries for over 25 years. In addition to their headquarters in Anaheim California, Lodestone Pacific has molding and tooling facilities in China, and a warehouse in Hong Kong. Focusing on high quality and low cost, Lodestone Pacific can utilize its CAD/CAM experience to design, prototype, manufacture, inspect and ship your products world wide.

  • Custom Plastic Molding Tooling
  • High Quality Custom Plastic Molding
  • Terminals and Lead Frames
  • Custom Metal Stamping and Forming
  • CAD/CAM File Experience
  • ISO 9001 Quality Systems
  • Freight Consolidation and Logistics

Digilant focuses on sourcing products and managing the assembly of electronic and mechanical systems. With engineering and quality managers in China, Digilant can facilitate low cost high quality projects from conception and design, through manufacturing, inspection, testing and shipping.

  • Experienced Sourcing and Vendor Evaluation
  • Experienced Quality Audit Engineers
  • Purchasing and Receiving Logistics
  • ISO 9001 Quality Systems
  • System Testing and Agency Certification
  • Freight Consolidation and Logistics
  • Custom Product Request

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